Conquering the world from Bern

Anyone who studies at Bern University of Applied Sciences can do so in an interdisciplinary way and in an international context, without setting foot outside the University: within its six departments, a range of subjects as varied as nursing, food technology and sports are taught. It is also a meeting point for students from many diverse countries.


Many-sided yet goal-orientated: anyone who chooses to study at Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH runs no risk at all of focussing solely on their course. With six departments under one roof, it’s not difficult to see your subject from another angle. The 29 bachelor’s degree courses, 21 master’s courses, and numerous continuing education programmes combine to give BFH a remarkable profile. The University is based in Bern, Burgdorf, Biel/Bienne, Zollikofen and Magglingen.


Unique and open to the world

Some courses are unique within German-speaking Switzerland, e.g. Sport, Agronomy, Forest Science, Wood Technology, Automotive Engineering, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Literary Writing. This leads to a mix of students from other cantons and countries, so that teaching at BFH is multilingual (German/French, partly English), thereby creating the opportunity for attractive additional qualifications. Correspondingly, there is no shortage of exchange opportunities: intensive international contacts (with Canada, China, South Africa, as well as Europe) allow students to become familiar with other environments and other ways of working.


Applied research and development

Research at BFH is application-orientated. This means that development and research are done either on behalf of clients or independently, with a focus on the needs of the market and the working world. BFH works in close co-operation with business, public institutions, cultural bodies, the world of the arts, administrative organisations and society in general. Research and development at BFH are concentrated within about twenty strategic areas of emphasis. All BFH departments are involved.


Students get to grips with research and development in the context of semester papers and final dissertations. Frequently, market-ready products emerge from these, particularly in co-operation with business partners and spin-off companies.

Services and Facilities

Wide range of services and facilities

Proximity to practice also guarantees that a wide range of services and facilities can be offered. All the departments provide services, be this product testing, planning, expertise or consultancy – BFH is a competent partner.

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