Hiring conditions

Hiring at BFH is based on a public-law labour contract that is supported by the corresponding regulations of the canton of Bern’s Employee and Universities of Applied Sciences legislation.



Each position is assigned to one of 30 pay scales depending on its requirements and workloads. A base salary is established for each pay scale, from which point the salary then starts to rise through 80 pay grades. The maximum salary amounts to 160% of the base salary. Allocation to a specific pay grade is determined at the beginning of employment and is based on the employee’s professional and private experience.


Further information on the topic of salaries


Working hours

The weekly (regular) working hours for a full-time position amount to 42 hours, i.e. 8 hours and 24 minutes per day.


Working hours model

The regulations of the BFH’s working hours model apply to lecturers, assistants, and research associates involved in teaching who are not employed solely for individual classes.


For all other employees, hours are normally worked according to the Annual Working Time Model (AWT). In such cases, the regular working hours are established annually instead of weekly.

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