Established, multifaceted and inspirational

Bern University of Applied Sciences prepares students for careers that apply academic knowledge and methods or use artistic creativity. The education, training and continuing education opportunities offered by Bern University of Applied Sciences as well as its research and development activities focus on practical application.


At the same time, Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH focuses on the following guiding principles:


  • Assume responsibility. BFH develops innovative solutions and addresses the needs of its economic, technical, cultural and social environment. It promotes the discussion of social values and supports its students, teaching staff and employees in assuming responsibility.
  • Achieve sustainability. BFH implements the objectives of sustainability in its teaching, research and administration. It respects and protects the dignity of mankind and nature and invests its resources in the interest of sustainable results.
  • Develop cooperation. Strong partnerships anchor BFH both domestically and abroad. They create added value for teaching and research as well as for the transfer of knowledge and technology. 
  • Practise pluralism. BFH cultivates its pluralism and promotes exchange between degree disciplines, mindsets and behavioural patterns.  It uses its multilingualism to bridge the gap between other cultural regions and labour markets.
  • Strengthen quality. BFH considers itself to be a learning organisation. It ascribes central importance to the systematic development of quality and diversity management in teaching, research, the transfer of knowledge and technology as well as in administration.



Bern University of Applied Sciences fulfils its educational mandate as part of the Swiss system of higher education and, in so doing, it focuses on individuals. Its success is founded on the commitment of its students, lecturers and employees.

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