University Board

As the strategic governing body of Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH, the University Board is responsible to the Canton for the University’s positioning and profile. Based on the performance mandate from the cantonal government, it decides on the strategy and budget of BFH. The University Board monitors the application of the performance mandate and is responsible for budgetary compliance.

The University Board comprises seven members elected by the cantonal government (who are not part of BFH), the Rector, and one representative each from the teaching staff and the student body. In addition, the University Executive Board and the Education Department of Canton Bern each have an advisory representative on the committee.


Markus Ruprecht

CEO Güdel AG, Langenthal


Prof. Reto Steiner

CEO Schweizerisches Institut für öffentliches Management, Bern

Prof. Dr. Herbert BinggeliRector of Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH, Bern
Stefan GelzerDirector of School of Design Bern Biel
Dr. Regula GloorExecutive Board Member of the Gebr. Gloor AG, Burgdorf
Dr. Bernhard BratschiCEO Silent Gliss International Ltd.
Hans-Martin WahlenCEO Kambly SA
Monika Eichelberger-Gerber

Head of APH Baumgarten Bettlach-Selzach​


Teaching staff representative

Prof. Dr. Anne Krauter Kellein (ad interim)
Lecturer, Bern University of the Arts HKB


Student representative

Cyrill SchmidtStudent, Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering


University Executive Board*

Prof. Dr. Lukas RohrDirector, Engineering and Information Technology


Canton Berne Education Department*

Astrid FurtwaenglerDirector, Universities of Applied Sciences Section



Michael Mauerhofer Head of Legal Services, Rector's Office, Bern



* advisory representative

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