University Executive Board

The University Executive Board (UEB) is responsible for the operational business of Bern University of Applied Sciences and prepares decisions at a strategic level for the University Board. The members of the UEB are the Rector, the Administrative Director, and, in an advisory role, the Head of Communication and the General Secretary.


Prof. Dr. Herbert Binggeli


Rector, Bern


Prof. Dr. Thomas BeckDirector, Bern University of the Arts, Continuing Education Section*
Prof. Dr. Magdalena Schindler StokarDirector, School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, Zollikofen, Teaching Section*
Prof. Dr. Thomas HodelDirector, Business, Health and Social Work, Bern, Quality Management Section*
Prof. Walter MengisenPresident, Swiss College of Sports Magglingen, University Sport Section*
Prof. René GrafDirector, Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering, Burgdorf and Biel/Bienne, Research Section*

Prof. Dr. Lukas Rohr

Director,  Engineering and Information Technology, Biel/Bienne, Burgdorf and Bern, International Section*
Felix Mäder

Administrative Director, Services, Bern

Isabelle Delaloye Hösli      General Secretary, Rector's Office, Equal opportunities Section*, Bern**
Elisabeth HaslerHead of Communication, Rector's Office, Bern**
*Sections are allocated within the University Executive Board; each member is responsible for a section.
**Advisory members without voting rights



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