School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences

The School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences in Zollikofen is the country’s official higher education institution for agriculture, forest science and the food industry. It offers three bachelor study programmes that are to some extent unique in Switzerland - Agriculture, Forest Science, and Food Science & Management – as well as a master programme in Life Sciences - Agricultural and Forest Sciences, comprising applied agricultural and forest sciences. On graduation, students will have received a complete education in their field and will be ready to take on responsibility for the environment, people and resources in their chosen field. Surveys show that a large majority of them quickly find employment with good career prospects. With approximately five hundred students, lecturers and other staff, the campus, which is in the immediate vicinity of the city of Berne, is on a human scale; people know each other and work together in a cross-disciplinary way. One of the College’s strengths is its international networking: it is active in research and services projects in more than twenty countries world-wide.


Prof. Dr. Magdalena Schindler Stokar, Director



Continuing education

Professionals can benefit from a broad range of continuing education options in agricultural and forest science. Various MAS, DAS and CAS study programmes as well as numerous specialist courses and seminars provide extensive opportunities for knowledge consolidation, specialisation and further development.


Qualified lecturers from academic and practical backgrounds offer innovative and practice-oriented teaching. All titles and degrees are recognised on a federal level.




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School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences

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