Continuing Education

The range of continuing education courses offered by Bern University of Applied Sciences is directed towards the current needs of business, society and the cultural world. It engages with a constantly changing global environment.

Infoveranstaltung Weiterbildung Case Management
01.11.16 | 17:30 | Bern
BFH-Fachbereich Soziale Arbeit
Infotag Gestaltung und Kunst, Konservierung-Restaurierung, MA Contemporary Arts Practice, Forschung, Weiterbildung
02.11.16 | 09:30 | Bern
BFH-Hochschule der Künste Bern


Our qualification-based courses (EMBA, MAS, DAS, CAS), seminars and short courses are designed according to specific needs and are highly practice-orientated. They promote a deepening of professional knowledge, lead to higher competence levels and widen horizons beyond the familiar and everyday.

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