BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre

The BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre develops solutions for the energy production of tomorrow. These solutions make it possible for renewable energies from decentralised production to be integrated into the supply grid, and to replace fossil fuels for transportation. The objective is to better exploit the potential of sustainable energy sources such as photovoltaic and wind power.


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The BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre carries out research and development together with the "Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA" (CSEM, Neuenburg), and other strategic partners, for electrochemical storage solutions for electricity supply and decarbonization in the transport sector. Both energy sectors can be linked thanks to new storage options. Always with the goal of increasing the proportion of renewable energies in the energy system.
Comprehensive expertise
The BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre is working on innovations and questions related to the practical applications of electrochemical energy storage systems:

  • A point of contact for development services in the field of batteries for the electrical supply and mobility sectors, and the testing and characterisation of components and system behaviour.
  • Research and development of practical new storage solutions and their implementation in manufacturing.
  • A point of contact for developing business models and for technical assessment following the launch of electrochemical storage applications in the energy and mobility sectors.
  • A point of contact for application-focused initial education and further training.

A challenge for society
Efficient technologies for the storage of electricity are of great importance in the energy and mobility sectors. They are essential to cover tomorrow’s energy requirements.
By combining technical and business skills, the BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre educates students and employees in an application-focused way with the focus on the challenges of networked business and society. The Centre is a broad-based source of knowledge for storage applications in the electricity and mobility sectors, and together with its partners provides an impetus for development.
The BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre will be glad to answer your inquiry. We are open to projects and cooperation.


Key points

Engineers and specialists with many years experience work in various research groups covering a wide range of processes. They are working in the following areas:
Electrochemical energy storage systems
The research group tests and determines the characteristics of batteries, and makes storage systems safe and reliable by using their own circuits and software.
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Manufacturing technologies
Technologies for manufacturing batteries are the key to electrical energy storage systems. These are developed and optimised here.
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Hydrogen systems
The research group develops fuel cells and electrolysers and combines them with storage media to form modern hydrogen systems.
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Power Grids
The researchers measure and model electrical supply grids, so that they can assess their static and dynamic behaviour and their voltage quality.
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The specialists test solar inverters with batteries, and develop the necessary measurement infrastructure for this purpose. For this it is essential that the developed technologies are incorporated quickly into products, processes and services.
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The engineers determine the requirements for batteries in vehicles and incorporate them in accordance with current regulations.
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Business administration, innovation management and society
Businesses prosper when they recognise the complexities of their innovative ecosystems at an early stage, and manage them effectively. Here the specialists assist by providing concrete management methods, while at the same time giving a tangible, manageable form to the energy turnaround.
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Engineers at the CSEM PV-center optimise the use of solar energy thanks to storage solutions
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At the BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Center engineers and specialists, doctoral students and university lecturers are working together on interdisciplinary projects. The projects convey an impression of the wide-ranging field of activities of the various research groups.
Information about the projects is also provided here in the focal point tabs of the respective laboratories and research groups. 


Current projects

KTI 18123.1 Hospital catering truck

Project manager: Andrea Vezzini 

The aim of this project is to develop and trial a new catering model. A breakfast truck is being developed to meet the needs of patients and hospital staff.

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ESReC-SBB battery

Project manager: Andrea Vezzini 

A battery used to supply continuous battery power in railway carriages was completely redesigned and developed. The project aimed to reduce the weight and size of the battery and increase system efficiency.

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Information on projects is contained in Key Points.

The project database of the BFH (Bern University of Applied Sciences) includes the research projects of all BHF disciplines. All the published projects can be found easily and rapidly thanks to an effective search function.


The BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre is actively working on a great number of projects with business partners and other universities in Switzerland and abroad, and is linked to a broad network.
The involvement of the Bern University of Applied Sciences in the Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCER) "Storage", "Mobility" and "Grids", is of great benefit to the Centre. This collaboration provides access to the most important national and international research networks in the field of energy storage and its applications. This is particularly valuable for external partners of the BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre.  
Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne
The Innocampus, where the BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre and other innovative enterprises have their premises, is the ideal partner for directly implementing research results in a cooperative spirit. The Innocampus AG is sponsor of the Biel/Bienne location within the national network "Switzerland Innovation".


Members of the BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Center are regularly publishing articles in reputed journals. The authors will be glad to answer inquiries about specific articles.
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The BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre has a leading position in research and consultancy, thanks to the most modern laboratory facilities for storage research in Switzerland.

  • Modelling and determining the characteristics of electrochemical battery cells and modules, and testing complete battery systems.
  • Development of manufacturing technologies for battery cells and systems for automated manufacturing.
  • Modelling and simulating cost-effective manufacturing plants for key components of electrical energy storage units.
  • Use of stationary and mobile PEM fuel cell systems as building blocks for the long-term storage of electricity in the form of hydrogen.
  • Use of batteries in the distribution grid to increase the share of fluctuating renewable energies that the grid can manage. The approach taken here includes questions of production as well as distribution and demand.
  • Use of electrochemical storage units in the mobility sector to replace fossil fuels and to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. The scope of research covers: vehicle drive units on roads, off-road, for rail, air and sea, as well as the use of storage media for the supply of ancillary modules.
  • The economic evaluation of new business areas, and the development of new business models, for the use of electrochemical energy storage systems.
  • Integrative analysis of innovative ecosystems for the widespread use of batteries in applications and as a product to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Degrees and further education courses
Students prepare their Bachelor's and Master's theses at the BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre while carrying out application-focused projects. The latest research results are fed into the education programmes of the Bachelor's and Master's degree students, as well as the further education courses of the BFH.

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