Research focus


Effectiveness and sustainability in health care

We carry out research in the disciplines of nutrition and dietetics, obstetrics, nursing care and physiotherapy together with and on behalf of our partners in health care and in an interdisciplinary environment. Our research aims to generate sustainable, innovative and effective measures with a view to maintaining, restoring and improving the health of patients and their relatives. The focus is always on the health of the individual. Cooperation and participation, the practical orientation at the interface between theory and practice, as well as proximity to the field of research, are very important to us and distinguish our research work.

Fields of research


Psychosocial health, health promotion, prevention

Our research in the field of psychosocial health deals with psychological and physical stress through to the development of disease that originates in the social environment and may have an impact on the affected person and his environment. This research focuses on improving health care in a way that makes a contribution towards preserving and restoring health and well-being. At the same time, the affected persons and their individuality, relationships and further social environment are of central importance. During the course of our research projects, we raise questions about effective psychological and psychosomatic health promotion and prevention and investigate factors that impact on health. We also strive to find possible ways in which the health of affected persons can be improved and which empower them to look after their own health.


Assessments, interventions, outcomes

In our research work, occupational assessments, interventions and outcomes are developed together with users or existing ones are evaluated. At the same time, careful scientific examination of existing diagnosis and therapy procedures (assessments and interventions) and their practicability are important concerns. New developments are taking place in fields where successful therapy procedures and meaningful verification of these with scientifically secured outcomes are not yet available. 


Skilled personnel – development and challenges

Our research in the field of human resources in the health care sector aims to support and improve effective deployment of personnel in a way that simultaneously promotes health. This research relies on the broad involvement of individuals in the health care sector and is intended to generate knowledge of how to establish best practice in the context of all professional groups. In the field of management and leadership, the focus of our work is on working conditions that meet the growing requirements for personnel skills in a targeted way, such as a suitable mix of grades and skills or appropriate work organisation and working environment. Our efforts to support the development of skilled personnel include innovations, creativity and anticipation with a view to being able to meet future professional challenges.


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