Education and Sport Promotion

Research into sports education for children and young people: the focus in this area is, on the one hand, on understanding the organisation and the meaning of the activity (quality of teaching, interpersonal relations, etc.) and, on the other, on the outcomes (social skills, social integration, etc.)

Competitive and Top-level Sport

This area of emphasis centres principally on the further development of performance diagnostics and coaching specific to each type of sport, with balanced development of  themes relevant in the practice of sport, such as the diagnosis/analysis of training and competition, particularly in performance orientated youth sport; equally there is an emphasis on methodological development for enhancing performance. At the same time, the health risks of top-level sport, and scientifically established ways of minimising these, are considered.

Sport and Business

The increasing trend towards the transformation of sport into a business is the central research and development theme of the Sport and Business unit. Particular attention is given to those figures who position themselves in and around the world of competitive sport. They are examined in terms of the quantity and quality of their work. The analysis of institutional steps to ensure the credibility of sport is to be undertaken, while considering the possible or “obligatory” role of public institutions.

Bearing in mind these broad emphases, the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport’s research and development programme orientates itself within the context of the exercise and sport research plan of the Federal Office of Sports.  For 2008 – 2011 this centres on the following areas of action:


  • General Sport and Exercise Promotion
  • The Educational Effect of Sport
  • Top-level Sport
  • Sport, Business and Sustainability
  • Monitoring of Sport and Exercise In Switzerland



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