What we offer

Many tasks today call for interdisciplinary solutions.  This is why Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH, with its comprehensive range of research projects and services, is an ideal source of knowledge and resources.  BFH provides practical and market-orientated research services for companies and public institutions.

Research + Development

In tandem with you, we produce research and development projects and enable new research outcomes. In so doing, we function as an outsourced research department, either project-orientated or for longer-term co-operation. Our services comprise:

  • Consultancy on project initiation, checking research projects, planning research work
  • Looking for partners, project applications to funding organisations (national and international)
  • Project and quality management, project implementation
  • Application of new technologies to specific problems
  • Anticipated awareness of future developments and suggestions for new products and production processes
  • Development of prototypes
  • Production of innovative and sustainable solutions to current problems and challenges
  • Making best use of results

Joint projects are often the first step in longer-term partnerships.

Services + Facilities

Bern University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of services to third parties. The offer is based on the latest scientific insights.

Services comprise:

  • Planning, coaching, consultancy
  • Tests and expert evaluations
  • Surveys, appraisals and analyses
  • Hire of infrastructure
  • Organising events on science and technology transfer
  • Evaluations and audits

Infrastructure + Skills

Knowledge, skills and infrastructure

We can rely on highly qualified specialists, motivated scientific colleagues, specialist knowledge and the necessary infrastructure to create effective solutions in collaboration with you.

Get in touch with our specialists for further information.


Our research partners can expect to meet highly competent specialists and state-of-the-art facilities at Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH. They gain access to key technologies and benefit from wide-ranging national and international networks. The University’s research effort creates a win-win situation for all concerned.

Multilayered and competent

Qualified teaching staff and research scientists carry out projects and service contracts with professional rigour. In their work they combine their knowledge of current theory and practice. Its broad spectrum and traditional practice-directed orientation makes BFH a powerful partner for creating interdisciplinary solutions.

The latest technologies

BFH has modern infrastructure with a wide range of specialised equipment. Laboratories and mobile measuring devices allow us to perform many kinds of accredited and non-accredited measurement tasks to national and international standards. All equipment serves not only for teaching and research purposes but also for the implementation of service contracts for outside partners. We would be pleased to provide further information on the range of services available and on the associated terms and conditions.

Contact our staff for detailed information.

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