Association of Academic Staff, Administration and Services

The Association of Academic Staff, Administration and Services of Bern University of Applied Sciences (VMAD) establishes contacts within Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH, participates in university policy-making and represents the interests of staff members. VMAD represents all members of BFH staff, especially those in academic, administrative and services posts.

As a body, VMAD 

  • represents the interests of academic, administrative and service staff in connection with academic, artistic and professional concerns on committees and commissions and towards the authorities
  • informs its members about matters of university policy
  • participates in consultations
  • promotes the exchange of professional experience and the maintenance of friendly relations between its members
  • supports its members in personal and social policy matters
  • works together with other associations
  • ensures that academic personnel have appropriate authority at BFH, with corresponding decision-making powers in research, teaching, services, the promotion of new talent and operational matters.

Jedes Departement der BFH bildet eine eigene Sektion innerhalb des Verbands. Der Vorstand setzt sich aus Delegierten der Departementssektionen zusammen.

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