Degree courses at Bern University of Applied Sciences

Study at Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH is open to both Swiss and foreign applicants. Near the German/French language frontier, many courses are taught in German or French. An increasing number of events are held in English.

Admission to BFH does not depend on your national origin. The important thing is that you fulfil the entrance requirements. To study on a degree course, you need to comply with the particular requirement s for that course. Students with foreign ID must provide additional documents to those usually required for enrolment.

Courses offered and course organisation

You will find information on courses offered and additional information (on admission, enrolment, etc.) concerning degree courses in the main “Courses” section:


Bachelor courses

Master courses

Course organisation


The country and the people

A well-developed public transport system will quickly take you to the magnificent Bernese Oberland with its well-known holiday and ski resorts. The French-speaking region around the lakes of Geneva, Neuchâtel and Bienne, or the financial centre of Zurich, are also easy to get to – and the cultural variety of Bern’s nightlife will enrich anyone’s student experience. 


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