Foreign students must register with the responsible municipality of residence in Switzerland within 14 days of their arrival and before they start their course of study. 

Exchange students

Exchange students starting their stay at Bern University of Applied Sciences must include the following documents depending on the municipality: 


  • Copy of a valid travel document (passport or identity card)
  • Confirmation of admission to the degree programme or Erasmus/SEMP programme confirmation
  • Passport photo(s)
  • Copy of marriage certificate (if married)
  • Financial statement (does NOT apply to Erasmus/SEMP students)
  • Letting/sub-letting contract (only obligatory for students from non-EU/EFTA countries)
  • Copy of authorisation to issue a visa (only for students from countries requiring a visa)


Exchange students in the city of Bern 

Exchange students who will start their course of study at Bern University of Applied Sciences and live in the city of Bern during their study stay must submit the registration documents by post within 14 days. The documents listed on the registration form must be sent to the following address together with the completed registration form: 


Einwohnerdienste, Migration und Fremdenpolizei der Stadt Bern

Predigergasse 5


3000 Bern 7


The registration fee is paid on site.

Full-time students

If a complete course of study is started at Bern University of Applied Sciences, the following documents must be presented depending on the municipality: 


Registration of EU/EFTA nationals

  • Confirmation of admission to a study course at Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Personal application 
  • Proof of sufficient financial funds (at least CHF 1,500.00 per month)
  • Valid travel document issued by your home country (copy of passport or identity card)
  • Current passport photos
  • Copy of a letting contract, or in the case of sub-letting a sub-letting contract including a copy of the main letting contract (optional)
  • Copy of a family register/marriage certificate (if married/in a registered partnership) 
  • The 'Anmeldung Studienaufenthalt ausländische Personen EU/EFTA (Zuzug Ausland) Ausbildung' form (Registration of EU/EFTA foreign persons for a study stay (move from abroad) for education) (this form only applies to the city of Bern)


Registration of non-EU/EFTA nationals (third-party state)

As the visa application has already been checked by the responsible migration authority and students are in possession of a guarantee or authorisation that the visa will be issued, they must present themselves to the responsible municipality of residence for personal registration within 14 days of entry. The appropriate valid travel document issued by the home country must be presented together with the affixed visa and the documents submitted for the visa.


The costs vary according to the municipality. EU/EFTA students pay around CHF 100 for the registration and approval fee, non-EU/EFTA nationals pay around CHF 270 for the authorisation to issue a visa, the registration and approval fee and the collection of biometric data.

Municipality addresses

Find out from the municipality where you will live about the precise documents which have to be presented and the appropriate fees.



Fremdenpolizei der Stadt Bern 

Predigergasse 5 

CH-3000 Bern 7 

T +41 31 321 53 00 


Fremdenpolizei Stadt Biel 

Neuengasse 28 

CH-2502 Biel 

T +41 32 326 12 25 


Stadtverwaltung Burgdorf 


Kirchbühl 23 

CH-3402 Burgdorf 

T +41 34 429 99 44 


Einwohnergemeinde Leubringen/Magglingen 

Route Principale 37 

CH-2533 Leubringen 

T +41 32 329 91 00




Gemeinde Zollikofen 


Wahlackerstrasse 25 

CH-3052 Zollikofen 

T +41 31 910 91 11 

If you have another place of residence, apply to residence services/residence control in the relevant municipality in Switzerland. 

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