Project "Hello Lenzburg": First multiple family dwelling in wood module construction completed.

23.08.2019 Prefabricated wooden modules, a steel supporting structure, assembly in a few days – with this new and innovative system AXA, Renggli AG and the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH in Lenzburg have built a sustainable multiple family dwelling with 20 rental apartments in just five months.

Convincingly simple high-performance hybrid construction system

The apartments were completely prefabricated as room modules at Renggli AG in Schötz, a company specialising in timber construction. The bathrooms, kitchens, doors, windows and coverings have already been installed, and the building services engineering wires have been put in.

Parallel to the production of the modules, the basement and the steel structure were built in Lenzburg. The basement does not differ from a conventional multiple family dwelling. In contrast to previous modular structures, however, a steel scaffold is used as the supporting structure in Lenzburg. This makes higher buildings possible because the modules are not additionally loaded from above. The prefabricated modules only have to be inserted into the steel frame, connected to each other and the building services engineering connected.

Cheap living space is retained

This hybrid construction system was developed as part of an Innosuisse innovation project and drastically shortens the construction time: Around nine months of construction time was saved on the Lenzburg project. Long void periods and housing shortages can thus be reduced. In addition, the prefabrication and standardisation of the apartments reduce costs – rental apartments where renovation is no longer worthwhile can thus be replaced by inexpensive and modern living space.

Low rents and Minergie-A standard

The house is heated with renewable heat from the geothermal heat pump.
The photovoltaic system produces electricity for the Zusammenschluss zum Eigenverbrauch (consortium for own consumption - ZEV). Three types of apartment were built, two different 2.5-room apartments and one 3.5-room apartment. The apartments have an ecological fit-out standard, modern floor plans, are barrier-free and are let in the low price segment. A 3.5-room apartment, for example, is available from CHF 1420.

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