Humane sustainability in high-density housing

28.06.2022 What are the requirements, wishes and needs of people living in high-density housing? And how can they be integrated directly into planning processes in the future? These questions are at the heart of the interdepartmental project Human Density.

Research on basic user needs in high-density housing is insufficient. Reason: these needs are usually incorporated into concrete project plans in the form of feedback on existing projects and take place within participatory methods and processes. In the context of a sustainable growth of our housing estates, architecture and urban planning are challenged to develop the space available whilst meeting the users’ fundamental needs. For this leads to greater satisfaction, better health and social sustainability. In addition, the buildings’ life cycle can be extended.

Auch verdichteter Wohnraum soll menschgerecht gestaltet sein.
High-density housing should meet the users’ needs.

Interdepartmental cooperation

The research project Human Density deals with the following questions: what are the needs of the users and how can they be integrated into planning processes? The interdepartmental project involves researchers from the Institute for Urban Development and Infrastructure ISI of the Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering AHB as well as scientists from the Institute of Design Research of Bern University of the Arts HKB. The first step consists in identifying critical phases in planning processes where the identification and integration of the users’ needs is relevant. In a second step, methods for needs assessment are developed, tested and transferred into a process model. Finally, the project aims to provide a tested, theoretical-methodological basis in order to integrate user needs into planning processes.

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