Challenges arising due to societal, environmental and economic developments call for new, interdisciplinary solutions. For example, these challenges include increasing mobility, urban sprawl and climate change. We are committed to creating a liveable environment both above ground and underground. We integrate societal needs with buildings, infrastructure projects and transport infrastructure to create sustainable systems. At the Institute for Urban Development and Infrastructure ISI, our focus is on working with our partners to create an optimum interplay between environmental, economic and social aspects in the built environment.

Geotechnics and Natural Phenomena

With our passion for innovation, we develop new solutions in the areas of geotechnics and special civil engineering. We promote water conservation and improve protection against natural hazards.

Transport Infrastructure

We develop technical solutions for transport facilities, with a view to ensuring safe and sustainable transport infrastructure.


We are committed to creating a liveable environment and, in the context of brownfield development and quality of life, we develop sustainable urban development solutions.