Timber Construction

Our research activities contribute to the enhanced development of energy-efficient, multi-storey timber construction, high-performance timber structures and durable civil engineering structures.

We study the potential uses of wood in building components and constructions. Besides timber as a construction material and the classic connecting materials, we also analyse composite materials such as concrete, glass-fibre and carbon-fibre reinforced plastic in combination with wood.

The revolution in timber construction – TS 3.0

Service portfolio

We offer custom-tailored solutions, study the properties in the lab, perform numerical simulations and, if required, can come to where you are:

  • Research projects commissioned by companies and institutions
  • Technology developments tailored to the size of the company (from micro-enterprises to industrial companies)
  • Support in applying for research funding from national and international funding organisations (including Innosuisse, FOEN, Horizon 2020, M-ERA.NET)
  • Tests of load-bearing structures ((Link auf ID 637_Prüfdienstleistung Tragstrukturen))
  • Assessment and monitoring of the condition of existing timber structures ((Link auf ID 730_Prüfdienstleistung Zustandserfassung))
  • Analysis of building components and structures within the scope of expertise appraisals
  • Structural/mechanical FEM analyses
  • Component optimisations
  • Consultancy, expert appraisals and feasibility studies

We are heavily involved in teaching and continuing education. We supervise students’ projects and theses. We also frequently engage master’s students as assistants in research projects. In this way, we contribute to training the experts of the future.

We have connections with the following academic programmes and courses of continuing education:

We aim to transfer all non-confidential research into practice. To this end, we hold events and lectures, write specialist articles, conduct tours, organise workshops, and present our results at trade fairs.

Areas of expertise

Besides our areas of technical expertise, we are distinguished by our close connections to the industry, to standardisation organisations, public institutions and associations, and to international research networks.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Multi-storey timber construction
  • High-performance connectors
  • Timber engineering
  • FEM analyses
  • Timber construction systems
  • Timber bridges
  • Timber architecture

Institute for Timber Construction, Structures and Architecture IHTA

Timber construction is one of the key areas of focus of the Institute for Timber Construction, Structures and Architecture IHTA. At the IHTA we focus on innovative, resource-saving and energy-efficient buildings. We support you from the design to the constructional implementation to the built environment. Other key areas of focus:


We have access to laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment for the proficient handling of service and development orders, including:

  • Universal testing machines with maximum forces of 2.5kN to 250kN
  • Compression/tensile testing machine 850kN
  • Test rig with 2 x 400kN, 1 x 1000kN for biaxial tests on wall panels and any configurations
  • Climate chambers and multiple climate chambers

Mobile measuring devices:

  • Optical displacement encoders
  • Wood moisture and climate measuring instruments for long-term studies
  • Measuring instruments for non-destructive testing of (wood) components

Software programs:

  • Statics and CAD software
  • Ansys (Finite Elements (FEM) software for structural mechanics analysis)
  • Optislang (component optimisation software)


A wide range of opportunities for cooperation exists. We are pleased to provide information and look forward to hearing from you: