SNSF project «Anomaly and fraud detection in blockchain networks» successfully completed

31.05.2024 Advancing digitalisation is also having a massive impact on the world of finance. How do we deal with digital assets? What potential can we utilise? And how do we protect ourselves against fraud? In three recently published studies, Prof Dr Jörg Osterrieder's team presents methods and techniques that can make it easier for us to deal with digital finance and highlight the need for innovative regulatory and strategic approaches to navigate these emerging digital landscapes.

Blockchain anomaly and fraud detection

A comprehensive analysis of vulnerabilities in blockchain networks and different types of anomalies and fraud is presented. The study presents a range of detection and prevention strategies, including statistical and machine learning methods, game-theoretic solutions, and digital forensics. It emphasises the importance of advanced security measures for maintaining the integrity and reliability of blockchain networks.

Metaverse and NFTs

NFTs are revolutionising digital ownership and the online economy. It explains the technological foundations of the metaverse and NFTs and highlights their role in securing digital assets and identities. The study explores the impact of NFTs on the digital economy and highlights their potential to transform online art, property and decentralised finance (DeFi).

Stylised facts of Metaverse NFTs

Through an empirical analysis of five notable NFTs (AXS, MANA, ENJ, THETA, SAND), this study uncovers stylised facts that characterise market behaviour, pricing mechanisms and investor dynamics in the metaverse NFT space. It demonstrates advanced statistical methods that allow critical insights into the complexity of the NFT market, providing valuable information for investors, content creators and policy makers.

The SNSF project was realised within the framework of DIGITAL. This consortium of leading European universities, large international companies, innovative SMEs, renowned research centers and government agencies aims to promote collaboration and innovation between the various members in order to advance knowledge, technology and solutions.

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