It's not about you: do we still need an «artistic voice»? Matthew Shlomowitz

Der Komponist Matthew Shlomowitz ist zu Gast beim MA Composition Creative Practice.

21.09.2023, 13.00–15.00 Uhr – HKB, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern, Raum 107

Portrait von Matthew Shlomowitz, vor farbigem Hintergrund mit Pflanzen

«It's not about you: do we still need an 'artistic voice'?» – diese Frage stellt der in London lebende und aktuell vieldiskutierte Komponist Matthew Shlomowitz ins Zentrum seines öffentlichen Vortrages, den er zusätzlich zu seiner Masterclass an der HKB halten wird.

Das sagt Matthew Shlomowitz zu seiner Guest Lecture: 

This talk considers the possibility that the emphasis we place on composers developing an artistic voice might be unhelpful for making good pieces. I look at what constitutes an artistic voice and consider pros and cons for having a voice. As an alternative I examine strengths and weaknesses for being a capricious composer, which I define as a willingness to explore different compositional avenues without concern for constructing a consistent body of work. My objective is not to discredit composers who have a strong voice, but rather to loosen the grip of the single-voiced model that dominates the value system of New Music.


  • Startdatum 21.09.2023, 13.00–15.00 Uhr
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  • Ort HKB, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern, Raum 107