researchXchange: How data analysis can help to better understand the degradation in PV modules 20. April 2023

20.04.2023, 12.00–12.45 Uhr – Burgdorf, Pestalozzistrasse 20 - E013


How data analysis can help to better understand the degradation in PV modules

Based on an application in photovoltaic (PV) systems, we want to show the fruitful collaboration between the Institute for Optimisation and Data Analysis IODA and the Laboratory for Photovoltaic Systems. In PV module degradation research, current-voltage (I-V) data sets provide a relevant amount of information. One of the technical challenges in evaluating PV cell performance and degradation is the identification of solar cell metrics from the I-V curve measurement data. Especially for nonstandard I-V curves, as e.g. measurements with artifacts due to wiring or shading concerns, this is a challenging task. A data-driven approach to fit and extract I-V curve variables will be developed, using the two-diode model equation. This presentation will give an overview of the on-going project and an outline of the technical and non-technical hurdles ahead.


Sara el Hassani

SARA EL HASSANI is a doctoral student in her fourth year of thesis at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Energetics (LME) of the Faculty of Sciences of Oujda-Morocco. Her thesis topic is hybrid systems based on renewable energies. In particular, she is working on the development and modeling of different hybrid system structures. Her current projects are "Optimization of a CSP/PV hybrid system" and "Modeling of wind/photovoltaic/hydrogen hybrid systems: isolated site applications".

Prof. Dr. Jasmin Wandel

JASMIN WANDEL studied statistics at the University of Bern and completed a doctorate in extreme value theory. She has extensive experience in statistical consulting, data analysis and modelling. In 2013 she joined the BFH as Professor of Mathematics and Statistics and has been head of the Institute for Optimisation and Data Analysis (IODA) since 2019. As a statistician she is involved in several research projects with partners from the industry and federal offices, and also supports internal projects of the BFH. 


  • Startdatum 20.04.2023, 12.00–12.45 Uhr
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  • Ort Burgdorf, Pestalozzistrasse 20 - E013