Diplomkonzerte Creative Practice Master Music Composition

In der Vertiefung Creative Practice sind Studierende oft ihre eigenen Autor*innen und Interpret*innen. Der Begriff «composition» wird dabei weit gefasst, was Medien, Formate, Arbeitsprozesse u.a.m. anbelangt.

12.05.2021 bis 28.09.2021 – diverse Orte

Bild aus der Bildwelt für die Diplomveranstaltungen 21, Rot, Orange und Blau

Alexandra Carlgren
A scent of

The work A scent of is based on the concept of exhaustion and wants to explore how it can visually feel and look to be a performer and musician. Is it possible to create an instrument within the concept that is so large that it is impossible to play and to keep alive? To a member of the audience it is usually hidden what happens behind the scenes. All the preparation, hard work, sweat, performance anxiety, fighting spirit and energy. It is all this that the piece both physically and visually wants to accommodate.

Performers: Kirstine Lindemann, Alexandra Carlgren (Artist’s name: Alexandra Hallén)
Mentored by Simon Steen-Andersen

Mi, 12. Mai, 18 Uhr
HKB Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Gemma Ragués Pujol

STIMULI is a crossroad where gestures and sounds create a constellation of possibilities – appearing both in multiple forms and manners; the performance explores the tension and possibilities existing between specific physical stimuli (gestures) which trigger an audible result (sound).

Performers: Ensemble Vortex, Gemma Ragués Pujol, N.N.
Mentored by Xavier Dayer

Fr, 3. Sep, 18 Uhr
HKB Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern

Isandro Ojeda-García

INITIAL is a beginning and a point in the middle of a line. The beginning of the universe and a chapter of the human drama. A hybrid between music and video as a single entity. An immersive project of digital inspiration.

Performers: Ensemble Vortex (Genève), Isandro Ojeda-García, electronics 
Mentored by Gilbert Nouno

Fr, 10. Sep, 18 Uhr
HKB, Grosser Konzertsaal, Papiermühlestrasse 13d, 3014 Bern 

Luz-Mari González
For human and non human performers

What is the physical in the human, what is the human in the body? Dysphoria deals with bodies to which society’s imposed «normativity» does not apply. Enveloped in the musical universe of fantasy, voices tell us about their history. By being embodied in images of hybrid beings, the voices are positioned in space. One of the mixed beings was originally a person. Like the other characters it tells on stage about its experiences, or rather about the mutation of the body through surgery, illness, live. Dysphoria is a multimedia composition consisting of music, scenography, text and performance. A piece about humans, from a post-humanist perspective.

Performer: Luz-Mari González, electronics
Mentored by Franziska Baumann

Do, 10. Sep, 18 Uhr
Prozessraum, Bahnstrasse 44, 3008 Bern

Johannes Werner
Boote und Palmen

Boote und Palmen is a music-theatrical performance based on the three works King Quest, BnD and Sensual Screaming by Johannes Werner, examining physical presence and its aesthetics in digital and virtual environments. Working with sound, text and performance, the piece follows a journey between realities, abstractions, closeness and dissolving – strength, optimum, fragility and tenderness. Wir verändern unsere Form und damit unsere Bedürfnisse. Aber wir kommunizieren, und das ist was zählt. Wir teilen uns mit, wir sind präsent, wir senden und empfangen. Wir zählen Boote und Palmen, wir sind real.

Fr, 24. Sep, 18 Uhr
HKB Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern 

Maryana Lysenko
Muteness mutation

Staccato of raindrops. Glissando of wind noise. Crescendo of rustling foliage. Everything that sounds around us is saturated with timbres, rhythms, acoustics, forms. Changing time and space turn natural objects into musical instruments, giving them a new structure and form, placing in new circumstances – this becomes the concept of the project.

Di, 28. Sep, 18 Uhr
HKB Auditorium, Ostermundigenstrasse 103, 3006 Bern 

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