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21.07.2020 Given the difficult circumstances, the Sommerakademie Paul Klee is postponing the summer program in Bern, and will be continuing conversations in virtual form over the weeks to come.

It seems the question of what a sustainable rendition of an international art residency represents is becoming ever more pressing. Ever since its structural overhaul in 2017, the Sommerakademie has sought to reinvent the residency tradition. Resident numbers were halved, teaching engagements became a key part of the equation, collective agency has been emphasized, and time spent on-site was upped by considerable margins. Now, in terms of immediate programming, we have restricted the public component to two online events, which both continue to address last year’s curatorial theme of STATECRAFT within the context of Contemporary Art:

Will Stronge: Lecture followed by Q&A and conversation

Wednesday, 22 July 2020, 5 – 6:30 p.m. CET
Zoom-Link published here before the event

The world of work is in transition. Demographic and technological transformations, exacerbated by the Covid pandemic, are being met with new policy proposals, like a shorter working week or a Universal Basic Income. In particular the crisis of work and posited responses point to a breakdown of the traditional divisions between leisure and work, employed and unemployed, worker and pensioner. They also underline the particular tensions and conflicts around freedom and inequality that capitalist societies produce. Will Stronge will present the questions that the future of work poses to our habitual ways of being and thinking and will outline what strategies, demands and proposals should be put to the fore. Will Stronge is co-director of Autonomy, an independent think tank focusing on issues relating to the future of work. He is the co-author, with Helen Hester, of the forthcoming primer Post-Work: what it is, why it matters and how we get there (Bloomsbury, 2021).

“Remote Viewing” - Experiment in online formatting, with residents 2019/20 and Tirdad Zolghadr, artistic director SPK

Wednesday, 5 August 2020, 6 – 8:30 p.m. CET
Zoom-Link published here before the event

Residents of the Sommerakademie engage in a remote viewing experiment, testing the potentials of online formats which are bound to play a growing role in the way we work and engage with one another in the near future. On account of momentary travel restrictions, we as a Sommerakademie can no longer pursue our conversations by the banks of the Aare River. But we can take advantage
of our geographic disparity in other ways, wherever we happen to be stranded during the ongoing pandemic. Taking up to 15 minutes each – either live on location, or by way of recent footage – residents address a physical space within their immediate material surroundings that speaks to the ongoing discussion at the Sommerakademie.


Hannah Rocchi (Manager) /
Eva Buchberger (Deputy Manager)

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The Sommerakademie Paul Klee is supported by Swiss Mobiliar, Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council, Burgergemeinde Bern and private donors. The Sommerakademie Paul Klee’s institutional partner is the Bern University of the Arts HKB.

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