Dilemma! Dilemma! Design Conference

Die Studierenden des Master-Studiengangs Design organisieren selbständig eine Konferenz mit Referent*innen aus dem In- und Ausland zu Fragen gesellschaftlicher Relevanz von Design.

24.05.2019 bis 25.05.2019 – Progr, Bern, Raum 369

Teaser Dilemma Design Conference

As design moves away from a focus on authorship and lifestyle, questions of social relevance and impact come to the foreground. We invite you to talk about Dilemma! in terms of spaces, kinship, and visual narratives. The conference is organised and moderated by students of the Master of Design programme at the Bern University of Arts. Speakers from Switzerland and abroad will join us for a broad discussion in three panels.

The first panel wants to trigger an exchange about improving the human experience through designing spaces. The aim is to shift focus away from usability and aesthetics for aesthetics’ sake towards caring more about how humans experience spaces. Different expert perspectives will be discussed and brought together to make connections visible.

The second panel’s focus is on kinship. It poses the question of how we can design for a beyond human-centred future. It argues that we can work with ongoing processes in society, technology, and the environment for the better by incorporating the multiplicity of human and non-human relationships.

The third panel deals with the construction, production, and transportation of narratives through visual media. Exclusive insights from different fields will be a starting point for a discussion on the strategies and formats of this form of communication, and how the construction of a narrative can be challenged through visual information.