SPSIM 2019 Swiss Conference on Standardized Patients and Simulation in Health Care

Bridging the Gap - Venturing into the Unknown

11.09.2019 bis 13.09.2019 – Berner Fachhochschule Gesundheit


  • Startdatum 11.09.2019
  • Enddatum 13.09.2019
  • Ort Berner Fachhochschule Gesundheit

Bridging the Gap - Venturing into the Unknown

SPSIM is a biennial, international conference on the use of Standardized Patients and Simulation in undergraduate and postgraduate education of healthcare professionals.

At SPSIM 2019 we want scientists and educators to:

  • share promising approaches
  • take a close look at the debriefing process
  • reconsider the theoretical base of simulation
  • consider the potentials of hybrid simulation, virtual and augmented reality
  • and the importance to having fun with simulation.

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