Global Engagement

As a multilingual European university with a global reach, BFH is committed to a world in which diversity is encouraged and fosters creativity. BFH contributes to social development and to the safeguarding of human rights and is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • BFH is committed to multi-perspective approaches, diversity and inclusion in response to complex societal challenges.
  • It connects people, languages and cultures, and promotes scientific, action-oriented and design thinking.
  • The Internationalisation sub-strategy and the Language Policy reflect these BFH-wide values and promote their implementation at the university.

Global networking at BFH

BFH works “from the region into the world” and takes internationalisation and multilingualism into account in education and continuing education, in research and in cooperative projects with partners. The Global Engagement Office coordinates the European and worldwide cooperation activities of BFH. The Euresearch Office BFH supports European research. The platform BFH Cooperation and Development combines BFH’s cooperation activities with emerging and developing countries. Other international research activities and collaborative projects take place at departmental level. An example: the HAFL Hugo P. Cecchini Institute.
Furthermore, BFH is a member of the network Scholars at Risk. As a responsible university, BFH is committed to inclusion, solidarity, and human rights, especially in international collaborations.

Internationalisation in action

For students


In order to promote internationalisation and multilingualism among its students, BFH offers them the opportunity to complete part of their studies or an internship abroad. With 120 partner universities abroad, the International Relations Office and the contact persons in the departments support students in finding suitable study and internship positions. In addition, they supervise international students during their semester or studies at BFH.

Study trips are organised depending on the department.

Certificate of Global Competence

Globally competent students are aware, curious, and interested in learning about the world and how it works. They are able to «examine local, global and intercultural issues, understand and appreciate different perspectives and world views, interact successfully and respectfully with others, and take responsible action toward sustainability and collective well-being» (OECD 2018). With the ‘Certificate of Global Competence’ students have the opportunity to acquire intercultural, transcultural and language skills and to provide evidence of them to future employers.

Departmental activities and contacts

International activities in the departments range from exchange opportunities to double degrees and study trips.

School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences
T +41 31 910 21 96
T +41 31 910 29 58

Business department
T +41 31 848 34 00

Social Work Department
T +41 31 848 36 14

Health Professions Department
T +41 31 848 45 67
T +41 31 848 45 52

Engineering and Information Technology Department
T +41 34 426 42 28

Bern University of the Arts
T +41 31 848 49 23

Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering Department
T +41 31 848 45 52

Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM
T +41 58 467 61 24



Scholars at Risk Section Switzerland
Academic Cooperation Association