Strategy + Mission statement


Diverse, sound, dynamic – these are the values that define BFH. They are also reflected in our strategy, which was drawn up in the course of a broad process, encompassing the whole of BFH with all of its various departments, committees and disciplines. BFH’s diversity and its connections form the basis of its strength. It provides the strategy with a strong foundation.

Our ten strategic goals and their subgoals are assigned to four strategic lines of approach:

  • Unity and diversity as added value
  • Integration of teaching, research, continuing education and consulting services
  • Employees and social responsibility as cornerstones
  • Regional focus as a starting point

Vision + Mission


BFH is a leading, internationally renowned Swiss university of applied sciences that attracts creative, proactive and responsible individuals.


BFH prepares students for professions that apply scientific findings and methods or employ creative design skills. With its innovative, practice-based teaching, research and development, continuing education and consulting services, BFH makes a long-term contribution to Bern as a university and business location and offers an attractive environment for single-discipline and interdisciplinary projects. BFH is a university with regional roots but strong national and international connections, offering the perfect environment for students and staff to realise their full potential.

Mission statement

Bern University of Applied Sciences prepares students for professions that apply scientific findings and methods or employ creative design skills. Training and continuing education at Bern University of Applied Sciences and our research and development activities focus on practical application.

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) is aligned to the following guiding principles:

  • Taking responsibility: BFH develops innovative solutions and addresses the needs of its economic, technical, cultural and social environment. It encourages the discussion of social values and helps its students, lecturers and staff to take responsibility.
  • Achieving sustainability: BFH pursues the goal of sustainability in its teaching, research and administration. We believe in respecting and protecting people and nature and investing our resources in the interest of sustainable results.
  • Developing collaborations: Strong partnerships help strengthen BFH’s position, both at home and abroad. They create added value for teaching and research as well as for knowledge and technology sharing.
  • Practising diversity: BFH cultivates diversity and promotes exchange between disciplines, mindsets and behavioural patterns. It uses its multilingualism to build bridges to other cultural regions and labour markets.
  • Strengthening quality: BFH defines itself as a learning organisation. We ascribe central importance to the systematic development of quality and diversity management in teaching, research, knowledge and technology sharing and administration.

Bern University of Applied Sciences fulfils its educational mandate as part of the Swiss system of higher education and takes a person-centred approach in all of its endeavours. Its success is founded on the commitment of its students, lecturers and staff.