Consumer Research and Neuromarketing

What factors influence buying decisions? What are the neurological processes? Understand the preferences of your target groups and develop customer relevant measures.

With this work-study programme in marketing you will understand the conscious and unconscious demands and sensitivities of your target groups. 

  • You will gain well-founded insight into consumer psychology and its combination with findings from neurological research. 

  • You will develop a deeper understanding of customer motives, drivers and preferences. 

  • We will introduce you to neuroscientific methods. 

  • You will be in contact with experts from science and practice. 

  • You will become part of a network that helps you to progress. 


  • Degree/Certificate Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
  • Duration 20 study days
  • Schedule Friday, Saturday (approx. every 2-3 weeks)
  • Application deadline 6 weeks before start, later registration also possible if places are available
  • ECTS credits 12 ECTS-Credits
  • Costs CHF 8,500
  • Teaching language German
  • Location Bern, Schwarztorstrasse 48
  • School Business School
  • Next session Please visit the German website for more information

To register, please visit the German website. 

Content + structure


Emotional and implementation-oriented. How do you successfully launch new offers in an age of megatrends such as individualisation and digitalisation? In the CAS Consumer Research and Neuromarketing you will learn how people make decisions. Our work-study course combines current marketing issues with the latest research methods from psychology, social sciences and neurobiology to explore implicit and unconscious decision-making processes. 

Course objectives

With this course you will bring your marketing on the road to success in a variety of ways. 

  • You understand the basic structure and functions of the human brain. 

  • You can explain different sensory perceptions and their interrelationships. 

  • You understand and use multisensory stimuli and their influence on human sensations. 

  • You understand how to analyse consumer behaviour and purchase decision processes using consumer psychology. 

  • You are familiar with neuromarketing methods and their areas of application. 

  • You integrate the findings of neuro-research into your marketing mix. 

In this course, you will primarily deal with two main topics. 

  • The human brain, consumer psychology and multi-sensory perception. 

  • Current neuromarketing methods - in the narrower and broader sense - and their areas of application. 

You work on the content in interactive courses and test your understanding independently via our online learning platform. Thanks to concrete and appropriate case studies, you will increase your coordinated specialist and methodological skills. 
You will carry out a practical project on a topic relating to your daily work. 
At the end of the course you will present and discuss the results in small groups. Our CAS concludes with an exchange of experience in class. 

In interactive lectures you will learn the technical basics of subjects such as neuroscience and consumer and behavioural research. You will bring your own experience to the lectures and apply the course content to your own professional situation. 

Parallel to this, you will reflect on your findings in individual and group projects and exchange ideas about what works best in practice. In the self-study component of the course, you will deepen your knowledge of the course contents and present an individually written project work. 

Your knowledge of each topic (neurology, consumers and applied research methods) is assessed through online testing. Each student must complete at least 3 of the 4 tests with a sufficient score. 

You will also carry out an individual practical project relating to neuromarketing. Part of the project requires you to document the concept, plan, findings etc.  in a report and then present your project to a panel of examiners (50% of the module grade). 

Qualification +Title

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) of the Bern University of Applied Sciences in "Consumer Research and Neuromarketing" (12 ECTS credits) 


Our lecturers are proven experts with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in their subject areas. They have at least a university degree plus many years of experience in higher education. 

Requirements + Admission

Are you a professional or manager? Do you want to better understand the behaviour and decision-making processes of your target group and use this knowledge for your marketing projects? In this Certificate of Advanced Studies deepen your understanding of consumer behaviour and build up understanding in neuromarketing.

University degree

You will be admitted to the programme with a degree from a university, university of applied sciences, university of teacher education, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, or an equivalent foreign university and at least two years of professional experience.

Higher vocational training

If you have a qualification from a higher vocational education institution (Diploma Höhere Fachschule HF, Federal Diploma, Federal Certificate of Proficiency) and several years of professional experience, you will also be admitted to the programme. However, you will be required to attend our Introduction to Academic Study before starting the CAS. Completion of this module is a prerequisite for admission to the CAS.


In exceptional circumstances applicants may still  be admitted. The head of the degree programme will make a decision based upon your application and extenuating circumstances. Please contact us. 

Professional requirements

You have a background in business administration and/or marketing (degree in business administration, CAS Business Administration for specialists and executives, CAS Fundamentals of Marketing Management, or similar).

For all students of our CAS programmes we offer a half-day course Effective Learning. Attendance is recommended and is free of charge for CAS students. At this event, you will learn about the practice-oriented learning style used at universities of applied science.

Organisation + Registration

The duration of the programme is 20 study days. Friday and Saturday from 09.00 - 17.00 (approx. every 2 - 3 weeks). It comprises a maximum of 24 participants.

To register, please visit the German website. 

Documents required for registration

You can register online via registration form. For registration we require following documents (in PDF format, max. 1 MB per document): 

  • Diplomas 

  • Curriculum Vitae 

  • Passport-sized photo (in JPG format) 

Please upload these documents even if you have already submitted them for another application. 

Organisational aspects of the CAS

Friday and Saturday from 09.00 - 17.00 (approx. every 2 - 3 weeks).

The registration deadline for the programme is 6 weeks before the start. If places are available, later registration is possible. 

CHF 8'500 

All compulsory literature, course materials and examinations are included in the price. 

The general terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to make changes. In case of doubt, the wording of the official BFH regulations are binding. 

Location + Facilities