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RSS feeds offers an RSS service for various parts of its website. RSS enables you to receive reports about new content on as they are issued. Below are the direct RSS feed URLs at



This feed contains the latest reports published on


  Press releases

This feed contains the press releases published on


Click on the link you want, copy the address of the page that opens, and paste it into the appropriate field of your RSS reader.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” or “Real Simple Syndication”. This service allows you to subscribe to the content of a website. Whenever new content is published on the page you subscribe to, you will receive a message in your RSS inbox.


Further information about RSS


Subscribing to RSS feeds

To be able to subscribe to RSS feeds, you need a tool known as an RSS reader. The latest versions of web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari already support RSS as standard. Apart from these, there is also a large number of stand-alone, mostly free RSS readers for all established platforms. You will find RSS readers for PCs, Macs, internet browsers and e-mail programs, on online platforms and for your mobile.


Overview of various RSS readers (German)


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