Frank Budweg – “I think it’s great to be able show one’s face for BFH.”

For Frank Budweg, the professional highlight was organising the Biel/Bienne Wood Construction Day. Looking back, he says: “6 months of intense preparation. Tight schedule. Introduced new online ticketing system. Rewarded by record turnout. Huge success!” Frank Budweg is an event manager at the Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering and as a project manager he organises fair exhibits, events and graduation ceremonies.

Frank Budweg
Frank Budweg, Eventmanager

What do you like about your job as event manager at BFH in the Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering?


Definitely how multifaceted it is – you never get bored. There are so many different events, such as symposia, conferences, graduation ceremonies and fair exhibits. During the organisation I interact with a lot of different internal and external partners and get to know very interesting people. Besides, it gives me a sense of satisfaction to make a contribution to an educational institution – something that I see as being really meaningful.

What have been your career steps so far, and how did you come to join BFH?

In Berlin I completed my training as a specialist in event engineering. After that I worked as a congress engineer for a company that worked for various hotels. I came to Switzerland in 2005. After three years with “Kongress & Kursaal” Bern, I worked in the centre management of the Westside event and shopping centre in Bern for five years from 2008. I have been at BFH since October 2013.

Why did you spontaneously agree to become a “Face of BFH”?

I think it’s a brilliant idea to be able to give BFH a face. In my view it’s always a good thing when you get to see the faces of real employees. Also, the way I see it, it has to do with identification. As an event manager I’m used to showing my face and acting as a kind of host, and so I quickly agreed to take part.

Looking back, what would you consider your professional highlight at BFH?


That was definitely the 2019 Biel/Bienne Wood Construction Day – one of our flagship events with intense preparation time. For this we used a new online ticketing system for the first time, and it worked perfectly. By the end of the day, we had registered more than 600 participants – a new record. Today, the entire project team can look back with pride on a very successful event.

What does your normal working week look like? – Can you describe it?


For me, there is really no such thing as a “normal” working week – but that is also one of the main reasons why I love my job. Of course, I spend a lot of time at my laptop and in meetings – especially when an upcoming event has to be prepared. Once an actual event has started, I am the one who has the general overview, and often I’m also partly responsible for the technology.

What do applicants need to bring with them to be successful in marketing & events at BFH?

Organising ability, flexibility, openness,  a clear idea of what service means, a sense of responsibility, team spirit, patience and equanimity.



event manager


Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering (AHB)


Solothurnstrasse 102, 2504 Biel/Bienne

At BFH since

October 2013

Describe BFH in 3 words

October 2013

My contribution to diversity at BFH

‘Berliner Schnauze mit ganz viel Herz 😊’ (a gruff Berliner with a big, big heart)