Richard Stallman in Bern May 11, 2023

The founder of the Free Software Movement and activist visits Bern.

11.05.2023, 5pm–7pm – Aula, Brückenstrasse 73, 3005 Bern

The lecture will be held in English. Drinks will be offered after the event.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor World Wide Web

«Richard Stallman is the prophet of the free software movement. He understood the dangers of software patents years ago. Now that this has become a crucial issue in the world, buy his book and read what he said.»

Larry Lessig, founder of CreativeCommons, licences used on Wikipedia & TED talks

«You said Richard Stallman? You may dislike his attitude, but you can’t dislike his ideas.»

Richard Stallman


  • Start date 11.05.2023, 5pm–7pm
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  • Place Aula, Brückenstrasse 73, 3005 Bern
  • Costs free