International Jubilee Conference 40 years AFHB

The activities of the Laboratory for Exhaust Emission Control (AFHB) of the Bern University of Applied Sciences Department Engineering and Information Technology (BFH-TI), Biel CH started on April 2nd, under the direction of Prof. Paul Wittwer. AFHB was founded as an "Environmental Laboratory of the Automotive Division" together with the Federal Office of Roads (ASTRA). Except of great contributions to the teaching activities, AFHB could work for authorities and for industry supplying research and service works. In the BFH, AFHB developed and keeps in service the ICE-Laboratories.

13.06.2019, 9:00-17:00 o'clock – University of Applied Sciences, Quellgasse 21, 2501 Biel - Aula


  • Start date 13.06.2019, 9:00-17:00 o'clock
  • Place University of Applied Sciences, Quellgasse 21, 2501 Biel - Aula
  • Application deadline 15.05.2019
  • Costs Participation fee (including participation, documentation, catering during the coffee and lunch break): regular participants: 50.-; students: 10.-; honorary guests & presenters: free. Payment: at registration online

Reduction of Emissions and Energy Consumption of IC Engines

Actual Challenges and Developments

Time Programme Speakers

Arrival of participants & coffee

09:40 Welcome

Jan Czerwinski

09:50 Opening speach

Lukas Rohr, Director


Switzerland’s Commitment to Stricter Emissions Regulations

Peter Bonsack
Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN / BAFU)
3003 Bern

10:25 Reduction of Emissions and Energy Consumption of IC Engines from the Perspective of the Federal Office of Energy

Stefan Renz
Renz Consulting
4010 Basel

Carina Alles and Sandra Hermle
Federal Office of Energy
3003 Bern

10:50 Overview of Tailpipe Pollutant Emissions Regulations in the EU: State of Play for Light-Duty Vehicles

Victor Valverde-Morales
Sustainable Transport Unit
21020 Ispra (VA)

11:15 VERT – Engineering Efforts for Better Air Quality Yesterday and Tomorrow

Andreas C.R. Mayer
Technik Thermische Maschinen (TTM)
5443 Niederrohrdorf Switzerland
VERT Association
8166 Niederweningen

11:40 Chemistry in Particle Filters for Diesel- and Gasoline-Direct-Injection

Norbert Heeb
Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
8600 Duebendorf

12:05 Lunch break  
13:30 Selected Examples of Real Driving Emissions for Different Combustion
Engine Applications

Jerzy Merkisz
Head of Institute for IC-Engines
Poznan University of Technology
60965 Poznan
President of the Polish Scientific Society of IC-Engines, PTNSS

14:00 Fuel Reforming for Improvement of Propulsion Efficiency and Emissions

Leonid Tartakovsky
Head of Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technion
Israel Institute of Technology
32000 Haifa

14:30 Contribution of Auxilliary Systems to the Fulfillment of Future CO2-Emission
Objectives / Beitrag energieeffizienter Nebenaggregate für die Einhaltung
zukünftiger CO2-Emissionsziele von PkW

Uwe Meinig
Head of Components Development
SHW Automotive GmbH
88427 Bad Schussenried

15:00 Coffee break  
15:30 Preliminary proposal: The Future of Mobile Working Machines

Marcus Geimer
Head of Institute for Mobile Machinery Karlsruhe
Institute of Technology
76131 Karlsruhe

16:00 AFHB: Emission Reduction from IC-Engines and Powertrains – from the Past
to the Future

Jan Czerwinski and Danilo Engelmann
Head of Laboratories for IC-Engines & Exhaust
Emission Control (AFHB)
Berne University of Applied Sciences Biel (BFH TI)
2560 Nidau


Discussion & closing remarks

Jan Czerwinski, AFHB
Danilo Engelmann, AFHB


(approx.) End  
Language: English