Sexual Harassment Awareness Day 2023 Working together to keep university free from harassment

On 23 March 2023, BFH will be taking a stand against sexual harassment along with other Swiss universities. By offering a range of information and events for both stu-dents and staff, Sexual Harassment Awareness Day aims to contribute to an environ-ment in which there is no place for sexual harassment.

23.03.2023 – online

BFH and other Swiss universities want to ensure that all university members are able to study and work in a safe and respectful environment. To that end, Sexual Harassment Awareness Day (SH2023) will take place for the first time throughout Switzerland on 23 March 2023. The aim is to draw attention to the causes and consequences of sexual harassment as well as the forms it can take, because preventing sexual harassment means raising awareness and visibility.

University staff and students, as well as other interested parties, are invited to a range of online events. In a programme highlight for members of the three Bern universities – BFH, PHBern and the University of Bern – there will be a concert by rapper Big Zis in the evening.

Programme overview

  • The True Costs of Sexual Harassment (in English, information specially for line managers)
  • LGBTIQ+ and sexual harassment
  • What is SH2023 about? How can I find support?
  • Crisis management in cases of sexual harassment

You can find a comprehensive programme on the SH2023 website.

Concert with Big Zis and Band

Together with Big Zis and Band, the three Bernese universities will take a stand against sexual harassment on 23 March, because sexism and sexual harassment do not stop at Swiss universities. Big Zis' appeal goes far beyond the boundaries of music: sexism is not only dealt with in their music, but also in various contributions. Big Zis is thus a self-confident leading figure with integrity, both in the rap scene and from a feminist point of view. With her humorous and mostly provocative lyrics, she has often struck a chord over the years.

  • Door opening: 20h
  • Concert start: 21h
  • Locality: ISC Club
  • The event is free of charge


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