The 2020 Conference of the System Dynamics Society Hindsight in 2020: Learning from the Past to Inspire the Future

This year's conference theme is “Hindsight in 2020: learning from the past to inspire the future.” “Hindsight is 20/20” implies it is easy in retrospect to “see” why events unfolded as they did, but it is much harder to accurately anticipate the outcome in advance.

20.07.2020 until 24.06.2020 – online

Stefan Grösser and Davood Qorbani from the Institute for ICT-based Management will take part in the 2020 Conference of the System Dynamics Society. The conference focuses on the practice of the System Dynamics simulation methodology. This year it will provide an opportunity to look back at prior models and their evolution in light of recent developments to see how they may inspire future directions. Stefan Grösser and Davood Qorbani will present on “Choices of households in a prosumer-driven era and their impact on the electricity demand from the grid”. In addition, Grösser and several other colleagues will present on  “Rising healthcare costs in Switzerland” and “Smart City Logistics”


  • Start date 20.07.2020
  • End date 24.06.2020
  • Place online