BFH researchers publish latest version of their e-voting system

15.09.2022 The researchers from the E-Voting Group at the Institute for Cybersecurity and Engineering (ICE) have used the summer months to update their specially developed e-voting system called OpenCHVote.

The E-Voting Group's researchers have been working on a system for electronic voting since 2016, in a process of continuous improvement and development. The system is designed to meet the requirements for electronic voting in Switzerland. They published the latest version of the cryptographic protocol and the corresponding source code at the end of August. Besides numerous optimisations, the source code has been adapted to the Java programming language's new release, for example. Working alongside the researchers, students are also grappling with the system in the context of their projects and theses, which often results in new proposals for improvements. Finally, the researchers also receive feedback from people outside the university, since the code and the software components are open to public scrutiny.

The E-Voting Group's experts are now busy testing the e-voting system, which is being developed by Swiss Post.

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