BFH Global Days 2019

04.04.2019 The theme of the second edition of Global Days in March 2019 was ‘global challenges meet global competence’.

Global competences include the ability to critique local, global and intercultural issues, to understand the perspectives and worldviews of others, and to promote sustainable development. The importance of these competences was discussed at the BFH-wide launch of this year’s Global Days with Dr Herbert Binggeli (BFH President), Dr Ingrid Kissling-Näf (Chair of the Sustainable Development Committee and Director of the Business Department)) and Ellen Leister (Chair of the Internationalisation Committee and Head of the SFISM International Office). At the start of the event, they demonstrated the importance of global competence and gave a short introduction to the topic. In her keynote speech, Prof. Dr. Christine Sälzer from the University of Stuttgart outlined the central content and the potentials of global competence for our university.

The 90 participants then attended one of eight workshops. These offered the opportunity to deal with the theme in a variety of ways: from the possibilities of sustainability in teaching, through the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 to intercultural perspective changes, there was something for everyone.

The subsequent networking apéro provided an opportunity to further deepen interdepartmental exchange. 

Category: International