Smart Electronic Furniture

Our vision is to create energy self-sufficient cupboards where lighting can be positioned anywhere without a cable connection. The power required is generated by daily operation and made available by simple storage systems



An interdisciplinary research team from the Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering Department BFH-AHB and the Engineering and Information Technology Department BFH-TI has produced an innovative lighting concept for home furniture. The cableless power supply in the support plates makes the positioning of lighting extremely flexible and creates completely new design options.

The project sets out a solution strategy and implements innovative partial solutions as prototypes. It is focusing on the generic sub-tasks of ‘power generation in fittings’, ‘long-term storage of electrical energy’ and ‘cableless power supply’. In addition to the functionality of the new components, aesthetic appeal, environmental impact and the cost efficiency of the overall solution are key additional requirements.


The project aims to produce concepts for the generation, storage, supply and use of power in furniture.


Energy Harvesting kann betrieben werden. Mithilfe von Photovoltaik ist es möglich, genug Energie zu gewinnen, um den Schrank im Schnitt 10–30 Minuten zu beleuchten. Im Bereich der stromleitenden Möbelplatten wurden erfolgreich zwei Optionen entwickelt. Ein leitfähiges Laminat und eine stromleitende dreischichtige Spanplatte mit leitfähigen Deckschichten. Dazu wurde ein LED Verbindungsstecker entwickelt. Die Spanplatte und Stecker wurden mittlerweile zum Patent angemeldet.


The results were presented to representatives of the Swiss furniture industry and materials manufacturers. In the view of industry, the concept could provide a successful system solution. A feasibility study will now be carried out.