Our experts possess a broad spectrum of research-based, application-oriented knowledge.

Visual design in context

From posters on healthy eating to campus signposts and ticket machine screens, information design, visual instructions and user-friendly interfaces are everywhere. We offer comprehensive research and development services in all these areas. Our spectrum ranges from process management and knowledge depictions to visual object analyses, spatial analyses and orientation systems.

Artistic practices in context

Artists who research pressing social issues can open up new perspectives on them. This is why we also focus on questions pertaining to artistic practice and the analysis of creative processes. New methods of knowledge production can be developed by combining research strategies with an artistic approach. These methods can then be used in expert assessments, coaching work or applied research and development.

Materials knowledge in context

Artworks and cultural assets are made of a multitude of materials that need to be studied with regard to their significance, their (im)permanence and their conservation. Our researchers carry out material examinations and compile documentation of artworks and cultural assets. They also develop and implement research-based conservation-restoration concepts and advise on materials to be used in artworks and buildings.

Music instruments and interpretation in context

The interpretation of music and music theatre from the Classical, Romantic and Modern periods is a subject of research at our BFH Centre. We build and lend out copies of historical instruments, but also develop new instruments. For this we rely on our historical knowledge and our mastery of interpretative practice, which we also pass on in our expert reports, and our consultancy and coaching work.