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The BFH Centre for the Digital Society was created in response to the digitalisation of all areas of life, which offers significant opportunities for social, economic and political progress, but also carries many risks. If we misjudge the complexity and knock-on effects of these developments, we are in danger of overlooking both the risks and the opportunities they bring.


At the BFH Centre for the Digital Society, not only do we think about the big picture and identify sustainable strategies for the future, but we also consider how to design individual projects and choose appropriate technical and organisational methods for implementing them. We therefore place great emphasis on networking, both in the form of internal teamwork and external collaboration with leading experts and decision-makers. Because, if knowledge is to be useful, it has to be shared.



We have a wide range of partners from the spheres of academia, business, public administration, politics and civil society, who all bring their unique experience to the table. They are themselves extremely well connected and are often members of important institutions.


We work to promote cooperation between various stakeholders in Switzerland, in areas such as eID (electronic identity). We also frequently collaborate with partners abroad as part of international projects.

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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Riedl über die digitialen Herausforderungen, mit denen sich Städten heutzutage konfrontiert sehen, und das Dreieck von gebautem Raum, sozialem Raum und Informationsraum.

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Submit your abstract for our latest call for papers. Should your abstract be accepted, we will ask you to send us a 3,500–7,500 word piece for our online journal, together with a 3–4 line author profile and a portrait photo.

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