Range of services

The BFH Centre for the Digital Society brings together highly qualified researchers from a range of subject areas. In our key research areas, our staff work in multidisciplinary teams with many years’ experience of collaborative work. This ensures in-depth and effective research.

Research + Development

At the BFH Centre for the Digital Society, we exclusively address research questions that are either derived from practice or highly relevant to it. We conduct our research according to the highest scientific standards and choose the most appropriate methods for the question at hand. We present our results both to our peers in academia and to practitioners, and always aim to maximise their practical impact.

Our researchers are drawn from the following disciplines:

  • Architectural and building sciences
  • Business studies and economics
  • Ethnology
  • Business informatics and computer science
  • History
  • Gerontology
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing sciences
  • Political science and political communication
  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Social work
  • Sociology

In any given case, our researchers will choose the most suitable approach to the question and objectives at hand from a pool of relevant research methods. In doing so, we always take into consideration the potential for innovation and the impact, effectiveness and quality of our research. What’s most important is that the methods fit the research question and produce relevant results.


At the BFH Centre for the Digital Society, we advise clients in business and public administration and offer situation-specific services that demand high levels of expertise. These services include:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Project management and evaluation
  • Design and implementation of IT solutions
  • Development of organisational IT maturity
  • Staff development
  • Analysis and development of business models
  • Conception and simulation of dynamic systems
  • Promotion of innovation and design thinking
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Knowledge transfer and networking


SocietyByte is our online journal, which collates knowledge and know-how concerning the digital transformation of business, government, and society as a whole.

By publishing research and promoting debate in our journal, SocietyByte, we aim to build a bridge between high-quality research and practice. And for us, practice not means only means the business sector, but also public administration and politics.

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Training + Continuing education

Our research feeds into our bachelor's, master's, and continuing education programmes, ensuring they are always ahead of the curve.