In our applied research and development, interdisciplinary collaboration between a range of experts from science and engineering is key to developing high-quality, user-friendly solutions for practical application. We explore technologies and processes in order to realise innovative and marketable products for SMEs, medical practices, hospitals and sports associations.

Image processing, computer perception, virtual reality and haptics

We analyse image and video data and visualise three-dimensional data and interactions in a virtual environment – for use in medical image analysis and in machine vision in industrial applications.

Microelectronics, signal processing and hardware algorithms

We develop solutions in the areas of microelectronics, hardware algorithms, sensors, scanning technology and signal processing methods. Our work includes extracting key characteristics from vital signals in order to predict neuro-cardiovascular conditions.

Optics and optical coherence tomography (OCT)

Our primary focus is on optical coherence tomography (OCT). We also develop spectral domain OCT systems with state-of-the-art optical components and laser systems, carry out feasibility studies and test measurements and have expertise in optomechanical and optoelectronic design.

Sensor technology and sensor networks

Design and deployment of sensors and signal evaluations for innovative applications in sports, health and medicine.

Mathematical modelling and data analysis

We have expertise in mathematical modelling, sensor technology, physical principles and numerical and statistical data analysis. We research the application of numerical simulations (FEM), modelling and data analyses in the field of medical technology and instrument manufacturing.


Our particular strength lies in the area of intelligent image- and laser-based perception, motion planning and collision prevention for kinematic systems and the development of mobile mechatronic systems.

Biomedical Engineering

We have experience and expertise in integrating different technologies (mechanics and design, electronics, sensors, signal processing, algorithms and software) to develop, improve and test medical devices in collaboration with clinical and commercial partners.

Kinesiology and biomechanics

Our portfolio includes qualitative and quantitative research methods and all current neuromuscular and biomechanical measurement systems, test theories, statistics, epidemiology as well as systematic reviews and meta analyses.

Technologies in sports

Digitisation has brought major changes to the world of elite sport. Sensors, signal processing and the miniaturisation of measuring systems have given elite sports trainers new monitoring technologies and their new visualisation formats have opened up new possibilities for media marketing.