Medical technology

Our engineering and medical expertise allows us to work on challenging projects in the fields of diagnosis and therapy. One particular focus area is researching and developing diagnostic devices, e.g. in the fields of ophthalmology and electrophysiology. We are working on systems for researching short-sightedness and for long-term measurement of heart signals. Another area of activity is the research into, and development of, therapeutic equipment.

Prevention and rehabilitation

Staying fit is crucial to any individual’s health and well-being. People with severe disabilities, however, have limited options when it comes to physical activity.
Applying methods used in elite sports to neurological rehabilitation helps those affected to develop their full potential. Working with industrial partners and clinics, our interdisciplinary teams develop rehabilitation methods, training and diagnostic devices designed to improve general fitness or to stimulate muscles.

Elite sport

The field of elite sports is developing rapidly: thanks to increased marketing in the media, the field is attracting ever more resources. Preparing athletes for competition has also become increasingly professionalised as a result of new technologies. Interdisciplinary project groups are developing relevant and innovative approaches to support those involved in elite sport.