Our approach focuses on capacity development, enabling people to define relevant issues themselves and to develop context-specific solutions. We work closely with partners from the fields of education, business, politics and society.

We offer the following services:

  • Development of technologies and products
  • Consultancy and implementation of vocational training systems
  • Support through participative approaches
  • Coaching and consultancy in the context of international cooperation
BFH Cooperation and Development

Core Areas

Our activities in the field of international cooperation focus on five globally relevant core areas:


Promotion of formal and informal vocational training systems at all levels

Production and ecosystems

Sustainable agriculture and forestry, timber and construction industries, food security, climate change

Sustainable economy

Improvement of employment, working conditions, production systems and safety at work


Health promotion and disease prevention, inter-professional approaches and outcome optimisation in healthcare

Inclusive societies

Strengthening of local participation and communities, gender equality and empowerment of girls and women