Range of services

The BFH Centre for Social Security brings together a unique combination of expert knowledge from a wide range of different disciplines. We carry out specialist research into socially relevant subjects in the field of social security and we encourage dialogue and exchange between academics and professionals in the field.

Research + Development

Our researchers have backgrounds in sociology, political science, economics, social work, nursing science, gerontology, teaching, psychology, business management, cultural studies, media studies, communication studies, law, ethics and philosophy.

Our tailored research designs include:

  • Evaluation of large-scale administrative databases for the purposes of analysing complex connections over relatively long periods of time and delivering statistical modelling
  • Mixed-method designs to combine qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Evaluations of the impact of a political or organisational measure and its intended and unwanted effects
  • Cost-benefit analyses to measure monetary, quantifiable and non-tangible costs and benefits
  • Comparative analyses to investigate the effects of contextual factors and regulations
  • Action research to deliver a solution to specific practical problems in partnership with those affected
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Consulting services

Our staff can provide you with a wide range of consulting services. We put together the perfect team and outline the ideal concepts and methods, based on the latest standards of empirical social research:

  • Analyses, consultations and evaluations
  • Concept development and implementation, project management
  • Chairing and organisation of workshops and events

Knowledge sharing and networking

‘knoten & maschen’

Our blog is aimed at the general public and examines the subject of social security from the different perspectives of health, social work, business and gerontology. The blog regularly presents research findings, theses and discussions – in interactive, multimedia format.


‘Social Impact’

Our policy brief appears every six months and contains scientifically based information and recommended actions for decision-makers in public administration and politics.




Our Centre holds two or three national and international conferences a year:

  • National Conference on Health & Poverty
  • International Conference on Discrimination in the Labor Market
  • International Conference ‘Countering Staff Shortage Among Health Professions’
  • Conference on child welfare ‘Arbeit am Kindeswohl: Schützen, Klären, Kooperieren’
  • Social Innovation round table | Focus #1: Ageing Society


Our biannual research colloquium is designed to promote knowledge sharing and encourage networking between our experts in the participating research units and select practice partners.