About us

Our staff are notable for their in-depth specialist and methodological expertise, along with high levels of soft skills and management abilities. We work in German, French, English, Russian and Spanish. When working on our projects, we form interdisciplinary teams with support from staff at the institute or external specialists.


The Center for Development and Cooperation CDC is part of the Research, Development, Consulting Services and Continuing Education division at Bern University of Applied Sciences’ Department for Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering. Four other institutes join the CDC in making up this division:

Each of the four institutes focuses on a different area: materials, structures, the built environment, and companies and their processes.

We also work closely with the architecture, civil engineering and wood divisions.



Our research teams aim to tackle practical issues and find solutions that are based on scientific findings. This necessitates close relationships with our partners and an in-depth understanding of their needs.

We supervise projects on behalf of government bodies, development organisations, economic funding programmes, foundations and commercial enterprises. In developing countries and emerging economies, we work with such bodies as ministries, universities, vocational schools, research institutes, businesses, associations and non-governmental organisations.