We combine our expertise in the areas of architecture, wood and civil engineering with our skills in development cooperation methodology.

Applied research and development

Working with staff from the other institutes at BFH’s Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering and academics from our partner countries, we collaborate on research and development projects, helping to find solutions suitable for the requirements at hand.

Thanks to our close links to the other institutes at BFH-AHB, we are able to cover all areas, from materials and structures to the built environment. Our work includes research projects on tropical woods and development projects for new materials made from sustainable local resources.

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Knowledge and technology transfer

We believe that knowledge and the ability to apply and share it is humankind’s most valuable asset, forming the basis for our sustainable development. In order to achieve this, humans need access to information.
We share our latest findings and new technical developments with our partners. We aim to forge close working relationships with businesses and social enterprises so that new and existing knowledge can quickly find its way into practice.

Vocational training and continuing education

We believe strongly in encouraging vocational training at all levels, from informal training and apprenticeships to university degrees.

Here at the Center for Development and Cooperation,

  • we provide policy makers with advice on how to develop and advance vocational training systems,
  • develop customised training and continuing education systems,
  • introduce new teaching methods, identify infrastructure needs, and train teaching staff using specialist teaching and technical courses.