We work actively to create an environment that is pleasant to live in, developing sustainable solutions for future-proof spatial development in the context of inner densification and quality of life.

In addition to addressing global challenges, urban spaces and agglomerations have to reconcile many conflicting priorities: i.e. urban concentration vs open spaces, environmental sustainability vs economic sustainability, or attractivity vs development potential. They must also meet the need for smart solutions. In this context, we determine how digital technologies can be used to create self-sufficient residential areas, development sites and buildings offering high quality of life. 

Designing innovative, participative and resilient processes is just as important as meeting social needs and construction requirements in terms of identity, acceptance, efficiency and adaptability. 

The key factor remains the same: people take priority.

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Service portfolio

We provide tailored solutions for companies, associations and federal offices:

  • Research projects commissioned by companies and institutions
  • Support in applying for research funding from national and international funding organisations (including Innosuisse, FOEN, Horizon 2020, M-ERA.NET)
  • Elaboration, consultation and support with innovative development, participation, planning and construction processes
  • Development of tailored, data-based spatial models for the analysis and visualisation of large, highly complex data structures as a decision-making tool
  • Initiation, planning and management of information and participative processes as an independent party
  • Digital, data-based analysis, identification of specific potential, risks and market position of your projects using our automatic density analysis model (ADAM)
  • Fast, attractively priced and highly effective potential analysis of your solar yield for building façades and rooftops using our Dencity Solar Planner

We are heavily involved in teaching and continuing education. We supervise students’ projects and theses. We also frequently engage master’s students as assistants in research projects. In this way, we contribute to training the experts of the future.

We have connections with the following academic programmes and courses of continuing education:

We aim to transfer all non-confidential research into practice. To this end, we hold events and lectures, write specialist articles, conduct tours, organise workshops, and present our results at trade fairs.

Areas of expertise

We put great emphasis on adopting an integral approach and ensuring sustainable development from a sociological, economic and ecological perspective. We always focus on people in their living environment. That is why we adopt an interdisciplinary approach and establish networks with experts in the fields of communication, politics and business. We focus on the following key areas:

  • Communication of urban concentration
  • Processes and planning tools for urban concentration
  • Incentives, networks and business models for urban concentration
  • Urban qualities, smart city and digital technologies
  • Urban development, energy and mobility

Dencity partner network

Developing common interests, mutual identification and interdisciplinary visions and advocating a future with comprehensively well-planned, sustainable and attractive living spaces: The Dencity partner network is pursuing the goal of promoting high-quality inner urban concentration. It is made up of exclusive business partners and experts in the field of inner urban concentration.

Institute for Urban Development and Infrastructure ISI

Dencity is one of the key focus areas of the Institute for Urban Development and Infrastructure ISI. At ISI, we focus on optimal interaction between ecological, economic and social aspects in the constructed environment. Other key focus areas are:


A wide range of opportunities for cooperation exists. I am pleased to provide information and look forward to hearing from you: