Healthy Ageing and Wellbeing Group

We examine the influence of therapeutic interventions on bodily systems such as sensorimotor system and autonomic nervous systems.



  • Beatrice Eggertswyler, PT, MSc

  • Larissa Zessiger PT, MSc

  • Bützberger, Jasmin PT, BSc

  • Haller, Aïsha Iliana Héloïse PT, BSc

  • Mirjam Studer PT, BSc

  • Manuela Felder PT, BSc

  • Mirjam Müller PT, BSc

  • Lucia Leiser PT, BSc

  • Karin Jost PT, BSc

  • Jasmin Messner PT, BSc

  • Janine Gsponer PT, BSc

  • Anja Marina Roth PT, BSc

  • Camille Lea Zuckschwerdt PT, BSc

  • Lena Woern PT, BSc

  • Sandra Schürmann PT, BSc

  • Eliane Dietrich PT, BSc

  • Andrea Wobmann PT, BSc



Selected journal publications

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