Structural Engineering

We develop solutions for the design, development, experimental investigation, and analytical and numerical verification of structural engineering.

Earthquake Engineering

In the area of construction engineering, we focus on earthquake-resistant building design and the analysis and measurement of timber and hybrid buildings.

Fire Safety

We can advise you on the fire risks of building materials and components, fire safety solutions for buildings, and interpreting fire safety regulations.

Building Physics

We can advise you on all areas of building physics, including building inventories, architectural acoustics and the airtightness of building envelopes.

Windows, Doors and Façades

We work together with you to develop and optimise products and systems relating to transparent façades, windows and doors.

Timber Construction

We can work with you on energy-efficient, multi-storey timber construction, high-performance timber structures and permanent wooden bridges.

Built Environment and Historic Preservation

We can advise you on building condition surveys and evaluations, upgrading and expanding existing timber constructions and historically valuable buildings.