Through our services, we promote innovative, high-quality, sustainable and energy-efficient construction methods. We work with you to optimise and develop construction methods, structural engineering, and building envelope components.

Research and development

We develop innovative, rigorous solutions for timber construction. Close contacts with other BFH institutes enable us to take an interdisciplinary approach, so we can meet all your needs concerning materials, buildings and the built environment.

As a complement to your own expertise, we offer the following collaborative services:

  • Undertaking research projects on behalf of your business or institution
  • Supporting your application for research funding from national and international funding organisations (including Innosuisse, BAFU, Horizon 2020, COST and CDR).


We provide product testing and planning services for businesses and institutions, as well as expert advisory services. Our specialists also carry out feasibility studies and provide product and production optimisation services.

We offer the following services:

  • Structural engineering testing services
  • Sound insulation and component vibration testing services
  • Testing services for building physics inventory methods
  • Testing services for the physical properties of building components and materials
  • Testing services for windows, doors and shutters
  • Testing services for burglary prevention systems
  • Testing services for vehicle components and public transport
  • Testing services for condition surveys and monitoring


We have well-equipped facilities, including modern laboratories and testing stations. These allow us to perform a wide range of tests and measurements.

Our facilities include:

  • A structural engineering laboratory
  • Various installations and laboratories for building physics
  • A window testing station
  • A burglary prevention testing station
  • Mobile installations for condition monitoring

Knowledge and technology transfer

We aim to disseminate all non-confidential research. To this end, we hold events and lectures, write articles, conduct tours, organise workshops and present our research at trade fairs.

Training and continuing education

We are heavily involved in teaching and continuing education. We supervise students’ projects and theses and frequently engage master’s students as assistants in research projects. In this way, we contribute to training the experts of the future.